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Most Americans prefer not to waste time looking for the information they need on the Internet, and get it ready-made, without spending a single minute searching for it. For providing such information, Americans are willing to pay from $1 to $10.

Electronic books on various topics are in good demand abroad. In which such information is provided. By creating small e-books on different topics, you can earn good money.

Amazon Kindle

It is necessary to specify, that the electronic book differs from a paper book. It provides condensed information on any — or topic. Usually the volume of such books is only 10 — 20 pages. It takes a few days to create such a product.

It is done with the help of Amazon Kindle. The average cost of e-books from 4 to 10 dollars. And they are very well bought. Depending on the number of sales, you can get from $100 to $300 per book.

To get, more sales, and earn from one book $500 or more, you need to seriously invest in paid advertising. Beginners to do so is not strongly recommended, there is a great risk of losing your money, while not receiving an increase in sales.

Do not think that downloading only one book, you’ll get thousands of sales. No, that’s not going to happen.

Amazon Kindle

As with any online store, the client must be given the right to choose. One person will be interested in a book about cat training, another — how to lose weight at home. It is necessary to study the consumer market and create products only on topics that are in demand.

Always in trend are the following topics: health, healthy living, proper nutrition, food, appearance, sports, psychology, relationships, cars, technology. With these topics and should begin. But do not confine yourself to them, there are many other topics that are in demand.

It is desirable to download 100 — 150 books. In this case you can count on an income of 2000 — 3000 dollars. Naturally, for one month, this number can not be downloaded. The creation of books requires time and financial investment.

When working, you should take into account that Amazon takes its own not insignificant commission. If the book costs from 1 to 3 dollars, the author gets 35% of the sale, if the cost is from 3 to 200 dollars, in which case they pay up to 70% of the sale.

The lower the cost, the more sales there will be. But too, a small price is also not the best solution. Creating books requires a financial investment of about $90 to $100. And at a small cost, this amount will pay off for a very long time.

If there is a good knowledge of English and grammar, you can write such books on their own. You can take foreign articles as a basis, you need to simplify the information as much as possible and provide it in a concise form. So the reader read the book and he did not need to look for anything else. Just take someone else’s articles will not work, you need to retell the information in your own words. Also, you can take Russian-language articles and translate them into English. But you should take only useful articles, without any water and unnecessary arguments of the author.

Most people working in this niche, do the following. They hire a freelancer and entrust him to write a book. Naturally, the freelancer must be an American and speak fluent English.

If the books are of poor quality, no one else will buy them, and the number of negative reviews will grow under the books. It is not recommended to sell books in Russian either, there will either be no sales at all or a negligible number.

Before ordering to write a book, you need to analyze the market and choose a sought-after topic for your future book. If the topic is not chosen correctly, then it will not be interesting to anyone and there will be no sales. And consequently the money spent on its creation, will be thrown out to the wind.

You can find a freelancer on the exchange Upwork. If there are problems with the English language, you can use the browser with translation pages and online — translator. Negotiations are conducted in English. You need to choose a worker whose rate is not more than 10 dollars an hour.

If you look, you can find acceptable options. You can start with small books of 5 — 10 pages. For 60 — 70 dollars, you can get quite an acceptable result.

The conditions should be stipulated. All rights after writing the book should belong to the customer, the performer has no right to re-sell the text of the book. In some cases it makes sense to conclude a contract, so that then there were no complaints.

At the next stage, the future book needs a beautiful cover, which actually will sell the book itself. It, too, should be ordered at the exchange. It is recommended for this purpose to use the site Here can make a good cover for only 5 dollars.

Once the material is created, you should hire an editor to check the text for errors and fix bugs. This service costs about $ 25. In the end, the book will spend about $100 and 3 — 4 days to create.

But to put the book on sale is still half the battle. It needs to be more to buy it. To do this you need positive feedback. You can get them, both for free and for a fee.

To start with, you need to make the book available for free for 5 days. Post on popular social networks. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and other similar resources. Leave a download link on forums, blogs. It is important that people read and leave positive feedback.

You can buy an American proxy and use it to create an account in Tik Tok and use it to advertise your products.

Also, in the social networks Facebook and Linkedin you can find people who sell reviews. You need to contact these people and order the required number of reviews. The cost of 1 review is $3 to $4. You need 5 to 20 reviews for a successful promotion. The more reviews, the better the book will be promoted, and therefore there will be more sales.

If you learn English, you can not spend money on freelancers and write books by yourself. It is not necessary to write books through a translator, this will lead to blocking the account. Since the translator translates the text with errors. And customers will notice this immediately and will start to make complaints.

Now is a great time to make money this way. This topic is very much in demand. And in spite of the decent costs, it brings good results.

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