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Neobux is a foreign site for simple earning on the Internet without any investment. It pays for viewing ads, participating in social surveys, taking part in various quizzes, for installing games, as well as other simple actions. This site started its work on March 25, 2008 and for 13 years has been stably paying back the money earned to its users.

Earn on this site can anyone. To start working, you must complete a simple registration on this project. Initially, the site will be in English, in order to display everything in your native language, you must install Yandex browser. It performs rapid automatic translation of foreign text. To start registration, you must press the button. It is at the top of the page on the right.

It is necessary to specify the username, password, e-mail, nickname of the inviter, year of birth, enter the verification code and agree to the rules of the site. If the invitee is not available, then this field may not be filled.

After registration it is necessary to confirm your e-mail. To do this, open the letter, which came to the electronic mail box and copy the verification code from it. It must be pasted into the form on the site. This will be a confirmation that the site registered a real person, not a robot. After that you will need to pass a simple captcha and click «Complete Registration». If something is unclear or there are questions, you can visit sections such as «Forum» and «Help».

After the registration process, log in to the site under your data. To do this, you must enter your login and password in the login form. The field for an additional password should be left blank.


The first thing to do is to go to the bottom of the page and find the button «AdAlert». Clicking on it you can download an application for your browser, which will notify you of new ads and surveys. It allows you to get ahead of your competition and take the job first. Which will significantly increase income on this resource.

Before you start working, it is recommended to go to the section with personal settings and specify there details for the withdrawal of funds. Since this site is foreign, the funds can be withdrawn to the following payment systems:

  2. Skrill,
  3. AirTM.

Also to the cryptocurrency wallets Bitcoin, Lightcoin, Bitcoin cash, etc. If you do not have a wallet in any of these systems, you have to make them.

To withdraw money to a bank account or PayPal, you have to install the Tipalti application.

You can get started by watching ads. To do this, you need to go to the appropriate section. It will show all available ads at the moment. You need to click on the ads, then click on the red button, the ad will start.

In just a few seconds, at the top there will be a message that advertising is successfully viewed and for it the reward is accrued. For each advertisement is credited one thousandth of a dollar. Consequently, to earn one dollar in this way, you need to look at 1000 such ads.

Of course, this is a paltry income and a lot of so do not earn. But there is a more profitable section with surveys. In it, you can earn from 10 cents to $2 per survey. To get more surveys, it is important to fill out a profile and answer questions as truthfully as possible.

If there are few or no surveys, you can try to register on the site with a VPN. In this case, the site will think that the user lives abroad, and therefore falls into the category of the right target audience for most surveys.

You can make the most money from surveys.

There is also a section with games. Here you can play a variety of interesting games and get a small reward of $0.001. In order to get the reward in the game you need to spend at least 2 minutes and finish the game process. There is no big difference whether the user wins or loses. A commercial is shown before each game. You can play no more than 30 times a day. You can, of course, continue to play, but the payment in this case will not be charged.

In the «Coins» you can perform various tasks. For their performance will be rewarded. The more difficult the task, the higher the payment. This is not paid in cents, but in coins. They can later be exchanged for real money.

The site has an affiliate program to attract referrals. But referrals can only have those people who have been in the project for at least 15 days and committed at least 1000 clicks on the ads. Referral system here is not particularly lucrative and has many nuances, which greatly complicate the process.

You can rent a certain number of referrals, but it is also not particularly profitable. Since the rental of workers is more expensive than the profit received from them. The system also offers to upgrade the account and improve conditions for earnings. It is not recommended to do this, because it is a waste of money. And special benefits will not give, and it costs as much as $90.

The best way to make money on surveys and daily viewing advertising. Of course, the large sums on this resource will not work. But 10 — $20 per month with active work is quite possible.

If you have some free time, this project can be used as an additional part-time job.

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