USA. How expensive is it to live in New York City?

New York State is one of the most expensive states to live in the United States. Prices vary from city to city, of course, but are generally much higher than in other states.


New York has a statutory minimum wage of $10 an hour. As a result, the average salary is $30,000 a year, before taxes.

With a college degree and sufficient qualifications this amount increases many times over. But in order to understand how much a New Yorker makes in reality, knowing his or her salary is not enough. Tax payments depend directly on the salary and are deducted after it is received, independently. Also there is an interesting pattern that surprises us residents of Russia, the higher the income, the higher the tax percentage. That’s how it is.


April 15 is the deadline for Americans to file their income tax returns. New Yorkers are no exception. Income tax, as written above, depends directly on wages. In this state there is no tax on personal property, cars and valuables, but there is a tax on real estate. This tax also depends directly on the value of the property and is a floating rate of 5%.

The money from the taxes goes directly to the community in which the property is located. That should encourage residents to pay this very tax. After all, this money is used to repair and build roads, as well as «budget» buildings such as schools, hospitals, fire stations, etc. And of course the sales tax, which New York State set back in 2005 at a flat 4%.


With any option, whether you rent or become the lucky owner of the property you will have to pay the utility bills. And since New York State has a full 4 seasons, which means hot summers and sub-zero temperatures in winters, the amount on your utility bill will vary depending on the season.

How expensive is it to live in New York City
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The price of electricity in the U.S. generally varies, and varies greatly from state to state. In New York, this one is $0.19 per 1 kWh.

Water and sewer bills, as of 2019, averaged $40 per person per month.

Steam heating and cooking gas averaged another $100

And then there’s $100 more for cable TV and a slightly lesser amount for landline Internet. Still not all homes are allowed to use washers and dryers, and not all of them are equipped with special facilities for this purpose. So feel free to add laundry facilities to the cost.

Rental housing:

Again, if we talk about the average rate, it was $3,000 for a 50-square-foot apartment, in 2020. And if we consider the «country» real estate, not a big house in the 3 bedrooms with a minimum lot can be found at a price of 3500-4000 dollars. As they say, it all depends on your capabilities and needs.


The megalopolis has huge traffic jams, so residents, for the most part, use public transportation. For a trip to the subway you have to pay about $ 3, but you can save money and buy a monthly unlimited ticket which will cost you $ 130. Also 3 dollars you will spend for a cab ride, for each kilometer of the road, of course.


Mass consumer goods such as bread, canned foods and cereals are not expensive due to high demand. But vegetables, fruits and meat, as expected, are higher than the national average. A 1-gallon carton of milk, which is almost 4 liters, costs an average of $4.5 to $5, and a kilogram of chicken fillets about $12.

If we are talking about organic products, grown without chemistry, their cost will be higher by 20-30% compared to conventional.

If you do not have time to cook, you can have a burger with fries and a drink at McDonald’s, such a snack will cost you $ 8. But to have dinner in a decent cafe with alcohol not less than 35-40 dollars.

Total average month of living in New York, with rental housing and no car, we have not yet taken into account health insurance and a lot of other minor expenses, we need on average, no less than $ 4000 thousand.

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