How to become a photo model: useful tips

Many girls dream of being top models, dreaming of having their picture on the cover of a fashion magazine, of being the focus of public attention when they catwalk on the catwalk, etc. Any pretty girl from fourteen years old has a chance to become a model. But is it so easy and how to achieve it, our article will tell.

There are different models, it all depends on the physiological and external features of the girl. To begin with you need to understand what type of model you belong to. For a model it is important to belong to at least one category, and ideally — to several. To be appreciated in the fashion world, it is better to be a multi-profile model.

An exclusive model is a high fashion model.

The height of such a model ranges from 175 to 180 cm. High-fashion model wears a size 40-42, her parameters should be close to these: chest — 86, waist — 60, hips — 86.

Model for the fashion show — catwalk model

To be able to take you to the show for a fashion show, you must meet the following parameters: chest — 86, waist — 61, hips — 86, height of the podium model must be from 175 to 185.

Lingerie model

To be able to demonstrate beautiful lingerie and swimwear, you must meet the following parameters: chest — 86-91, waist — 58-63, hips — 86-90. Also for lingerie model there is an age restriction — she must not be younger than 21 years old.

Part model.

Here you need any one part of the body model (hair, hands, nails), because party models are needed to advertise jewelry and cosmetics.

photo model
Woman editing photo and choosing filters on mobile phone for posting it on social media

For this type of model is enough to be groomed.

Plus size model.

To this type of model can be attributed a girl with appetizing forms, the clothing size of such a model should be from 46 to 54. The height of the plus-size model is from 157 to 185.

Teenage model

Such models are necessary for the demonstration of teenage clothing. Only the beauty of the girl and her age — from 12 to 17 years — are important here.

Glamorous model.

This type includes models who star in men’s magazines. Parameters of the glamour model: chest — 86-91, waist — 56-61, hips — 86-91. There is also an age limit for such a model — from 18 to 25 years old.

So, how to become a model

Many girls believe that in order to do this, you must necessarily pass a course of modeling school, but in fact, this is not the case. If the designer will need exactly the same type of appearance as you have, then on the casting, he can choose you regardless of whether you were trained in a model school, it all depends on the girl’s potential. But also do not forget about the competition, so it is important to show yourself so that you could be chosen from a huge number of other girls.

Another prerequisite for promotion in the modeling business is a portfolio. It should contain only good, professional photographs, some of the best, even if there are not so many of them.

The main thing is professionalism, the photos must be perfect. And all of them should be diverse. Each photo has its own story, new poses and emotions — that’s what your employer expects from you. You can start by taking a picture and paying a professional photographer to put it in your portfolio, it’s a necessary element that a model can’t do without.

Cooperating with a modeling agency

Be careful in your choice of agencies, there are a lot of scammers among them. Remember, if an agency requires any investment from the model, or immediately, without paying attention to the fact that you are a beginner, offers a suspiciously high fee, most likely, it’s a scam, such agencies should not be trusted.

To avoid becoming a victim of such scams try to go casting in those agencies that have long been on their ears and have a good reputation.

After the casting you will either be selected for further cooperation, or refuse you. In the second case, do not get upset about it, because many famous models also repeatedly refused, but they succeeded due to the fact that they kept their noses and went ahead to their goal.

If the agency offered to sign a contract with you, do not rush to sign all the documents — be vigilant, read carefully all the points, especially the text written in small print.

Once you have made sure that everything written matches all the necessary conditions, sign the document. Do not forget that the contract must have at least two copies, one for the employer and one for you, and make sure that both copies have all the necessary stamps and signatures.

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