How to buy Bitcoin (BTC)

Binance Crypto Exchange is the best place where you can easily buy, sell, trade and store Bitkoin (BTC). Naturally, everything starts with registration, and here it is well thought out in terms of security. But when everything is done, you can safely work, because it is a safe and reliable platform for fast buying and selling cryptocurrency, thanks to a simplified trading procedure. Users have no problem buying in-demand cryptocurrency using a wide range of payment methods, such as bank card, electronic payment systems, bank transfer and others. Binance exchange works only with trusted and reliable partners to provide users with an easy and safe way to buy cryptocurrency.

The most advanced European tactics: how to buy Bitcoin (BTC)

The Binance exchange accepts a wide list of currencies and makes it easy to buy cryptocurrency using:

— U.S. dollars;
— Euros;
— Chinese yuan;
— Australian dollars;
— Indian rupees;
— Russian rubles and other fiat currency.

Users can also buy cryptocurrency using the following Stablecoins:

— Binance USD (BUSD);
— Coinbase USD;
— Coin (USDC);
— Tether (USDT).

How to buy Bitcoin (BTC)
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After completing the purchase, the cryptocurrency is placed in a wallet created by the user on Binance, which provides a simple and secure way to manage and store assets. A trader can immediately trade the cryptocurrency that he purchased on the Binance platform through its numerous tools and services.

1.You are only three steps away from buying your first Bitcoin

1).What is Bitcoin (BTC)

According to official sources Bitcoin is a virtual currency based on open source software code. It can be exchanged on exchanges into a classic form of money.

The virtual monetary unit Bitkoin, created by a group of specialists, is a «peer-to-peer digital currency system» that works without intermediaries in online trading, thanks to the use of key cryptography. As a result, the first money was introduced into the economic system according to a specially designed schedule, which no one can control, including central banks. The rules, which are spelled out in the software code creation story, state that no more than 21 million Bitcoins can be mined.

Bitkoin’s exchangeable coin is called Satochi, which has created a shortage of this cryptocurrency due to bitcoin’s limited issuance. The popularity and increased demand for Bitkoin (BTC) motivates traders to earn this currency on cryptocurrency exchanges. Investors, in turn, use BTC to store traditional capital from the effects of inflation. The stability of Bitcoin, gold and international currencies (dollar and euro) saves rubles and hryvnias from devaluation.

If you are looking for a platform to buy cryptocurrency, then is the site for you. This is one of the most famous exchange platforms in the financial world, thanks to it, every registered user can buy BTC (Bitcoins) and other cryptocurrency for rubles.

2). Registration on

First of all, in order to start working on the platform, you need to register on their website. Each new user has to choose a password and register their account using a valid email address. After accepting the conditions, the system will send a special verification code to the E-mail specified by the user, which must be entered in a special field indicated on the website. To get started, each new member must enter personal data (name, surname, date and place of birth and other data requested by the system).

For verification it is necessary to send a copy of the passport or driving license, which will confirm the identity of the user. Once Binance exchange receives all this information, the user can start trading.

3). Account Verification: Why is it necessary?

Before you start trading on an exchange, make sure you are verified (identity verified). Why is it necessary? Binance requires users to be verified in order to ensure the safety of their accounts. If you’re having trouble, visit «How to Verify Your Identity».
If a user logs into his account from different IP addresses (phone, laptop, tablet or computer), the system will block the account right away.

Such actions are suspicious to the program, and the exchange insures against theft by temporarily suspending work with the assets. In this case, the user needs to contact the Binance support team to confirm his identity and solve the problem. If the user has started the verification procedure and has not completed it, the amount of money earned will be limited. You can view the restrictions on the «Personal Verification» page.

To increase the withdrawal limit, a user can go through a personal verification on Binance’s website or mobile app, or at the very least, support can be contacted to provide additional information for verification. If the information users have sent for identity verification is incorrect or incomplete, withdrawals that are in the account balance will be temporarily suspended. To resume work, you need to send a message to the Binance exchange support service and additionally provide them with complete information for re-verification (identity verification).

The system of user account protection on the Binance exchange is the most progressive. Here, it requires, from each trader two-factor authentication (2FA), which he must connect to the account. It protects the account with Google Authenticator — verification via SMS and verification via email. Users must activate at least two authentications before they can withdraw funds from their balance. Click the «Enable Now» option and follow the instructions to activate two-factor authentication.

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2. How to pass an identity check: detailed instructions

1). Authorize and sign in to your Binance account. Find the «User Center» option and click on it, then on the verification page, click on the «Identification» option. On the page that opens, click on the «Confirm» option. On the page that opens you will see the following statuses: «Confirmed», «Confirmed Plus» and «Confirmed Business», and their limits for deposits and withdrawals. The limits depend on the country. The region of residence and your country can be set by clicking on the appropriate «Country» button.

2). Then click on «Start now», this will give you the opportunity to confirm your account. A form will open where you have to select your country of residence. Make sure that the selected country of residence coincides with the country indicated in your identification documents (driver’s license or passport).

After that, another form will open, where you need to specify your data in detail, filling in the boxes of the list, and click on the «Continue» button. A new form will open, where you must enter your personal data and click «Continue». The form you filled in will open, you just need to check that the information is correct. If necessary, make corrections, because after confirmation, it will be too late to change something.

3). The next step is to upload screenshots or photos of your personal documents, which confirm your identity. Select the type of document, and specify the country in which it was issued. Most users choose passport, ID card, or driver’s license. Use the appropriate options that are available for your country.

4). Then follow the requirements of the instructions, which regulate the rules of uploading a photo of the document. Photos must clearly show full identification. For example, if you have an ID-card (passport) it is obligatory to have a photo on both sides: the front and back. After you send a message to verify the photos, you will receive a message to upload selfies with the document. To do this, click the «Upload file» option to upload a photo from your computer.

5). Next, the system will ask you to complete the face validation. To do this, click on the «Continue» option to complete the face validation process from your computer. You cannot use filters, wear glasses or headgear when taking a photo. There must be good lighting in the room at this time. To complete the face verification using the mobile app from Binance. To do this it is enough to scan the QR code, which is located at the right bottom of the page.

After completing the procedure, wait for some time while Binance verifies your details. Once your request is verified, the system will send an email notification. If rejected, you can attempt the identity verification process up to 10 times during the day. If the request is rejected 10 times in the last 24 hours, you can try the next day, there is nothing wrong with that. The system is very thorough in its verification process.

3. How to buy cryptocurrency with a bank card: detailed instructions

1). Login to your account on Binance exchange and click on «Buy» option on the main page. A new page will open, where you can buy cryptocurrency for different fiat (classic, natural) money. Enter cash with which you plan to buy crypto, and the exchange system will automatically show the amount of cryptocurrency you will receive. Next, click the «Continue» button. A new window will open where you have to choose your preferred payment method.

To make a purchase using a bank card, click on the «Visa / Mastercard» option and click on the «Continue» button. In the window that will open, follow the instructions and enter your card details. When your card is added, click on the «Continue» button.

2). Check the payment details and fees, if everything is correct, confirm your order within one minute, otherwise the amount of cryptocurrency you ordered will be recalculated based on the current market rate. You can click the «Refresh» option to see the new order amount.

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3). To pay for the order, the exchange system will redirect you to your bank’s transaction page. Next, everything is intuitively simple. You need to fill the form from the bank, to be verified by setting a code received in the mail, and to confirm your payment. After that you can immediately see the cryptocurrency in your Binance Spot wallet, which you paid just now.

4. How to buy cryptocurrency using cash balance

Authorize and log in to your account on the Binance exchange. Click the «Buy» button.

2. Enter the amount you want to spend and the system will automatically show the amount of cryptocurrency you will receive. Click the «Continue» option.
3. Click on «Cash balance» button, then click on «Continue» button.

Note that if you don’t have enough money on your account, you will be redirected to the «Deposits» page to deposit the correct amount of money. Then check your payment details and fee, after that and confirm your order within 1 minute, otherwise the amount of cryptocurrency you can get will be recalculated based on the current market price. You can click the «Refresh» option to see the new order amount.

5.How to buy cryptocurrency via P2P

Another way to buy BTC that some people consider outdated is via bank transfer. By clicking on «Bank Deposit,» enter the amount you intend to spend on your purchases. You will then need to confirm the residential address listed above. The payment process will take a few days until the money is credited to your Binance wallet. This is why most people who invest in Bitcoin (and other crypto) prefer to use their bank cards.

6. How to buy Bitcoin from your phone

In fact, everything is very simple. But, first of all, it is necessary to register a Payer wallet. Registration is very simple, that is, all you have to do is to enter your e-mail and come up with a password. The registration process is the same as everywhere else in the projects, there is nothing complicated. After that, go to the Play market or Appstore and download the application for Payer wallet and enter it. Everything is easy to work with here. There are wallets for the most popular currencies and cryptocurrencies. And everything is very simple and clearly marked with big squares.

So, to buy Bitcoin, you first need to top up your balance in rubles or dollars or euros, whichever currency is in operation. Let’s assume that it will be rubles. Then, click on the icon, which symbolizes the ruble, in the form that opens, click on «Replenish balance». That is, you need to replenish the balance by the amount you will pay for the crypto. You can replenish the balance in any way. This can be a bank card payment, or transferring money from the wallet of an electronic payment system, you can even pay from your phone card, that is, from wherever you have money.

When the money arrives on your Payer wallet balance, you can buy crypto. The process is very simple, as in any exchanger: select the option «Exchange funds», the exchange form will open, select the option rubles, and below — bitcoin, click «Exchange». All, for a small amount of money in rubles, you will get BTC satoshi, some part of bitcoin.

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