How to play golf: useful information

Golf is one of those games that we seem to have only recently read about in «imported» books. And, unlike soccer, which even children play in the yards, it is still something foreign and strange to us.

Many have no idea how to play golf. And someone, after reading books that mention it, begins to understand the general principle. It seems that clubs, balls, and even some holes are involved. But how would one combine all that?

Historically, golf has become the sport of the rich. Therefore, in Russia and other countries, membership in golf clubs is usually — a matter of money, and equipment for it costs a lot of money. You may never once in your life will not have to play it. Still, it is useful to know the rules of the game, at least approximately. Why? If only to understand what a character in a translated fiction book is doing when he’s about to hit the ball on the fifth hole or when he’s swinging.

Compared to our usual games, where the winner is the highest score or points, golf looks very strange. Because the winning score in it is the one that is smaller! The player gets a point for each shot. The one who drives the ball into the hole with the minimum number of strokes wins.

In addition, this is a slow game. It usually lasts from three to six hours. After all, the field of nine to eighteen holes, marked with flags, and each player has to pass them completely! There is no running, as in soccer and hockey, basketball and other moving team games. And you can not pass all the holes in a hurry, and then drink tea and watch as they suffer more slow participants.

How to play golf
Close-up shot of a golf bag in a golf course. There is an unrecognizable defocused person in background, focus on the golf bag. Horizontal shot.

Players take turns hitting, each on their own ball, and only one shot per approach. Did you manage the fastest? In golf, when you hit the ball on the first hole, you have to wait for the other players to hit the first hole. And then you move on. So quickly after work you will not be able to «bang» a game. You need a lot of free time. Golf is also, therefore, «the game of the rich.

For all its slowness, the game of golf — a task not for flabby muscles. Let it seem to the young soccer fan something dull, gradual, even senile. But a good shot requires the right stance and a powerful swing. And the muscles of the whole body work hard. In American action movies elderly mobsters, lazily moving their clubs, manage to hit the right hole with one stroke.

In reality, it’s a little tougher. You put all your skill into a single movement, and then you can rest until it’s your turn to hit.

You can only hit a golf ball with a club. Not with your hands, not with your feet, not with any other part of your body. They hold it by the shaft, i.e., by the handle. Stand sideways to the ball and face the direction to which you are going to send it.

Golfer woman putting golf ball for Happy New Year 2021 on the green golf for new healthy. copy space. Healthy and Holiday Concept.

Keep your legs shoulder-width apart. This is called the standard starting or, more often, the starting position. In this position, with knees slightly bent and slightly bent, you swing the ball, and the farther it is from the hole, the stronger is your swing. And as you get closer to it, you’ll need different strokes. They’re less swingy, but they’re more precise and accurate. Some players even change their clubs.

There are 3 main types of clubs which are called without translation, in English «wood», «iron» and «putter». Wood, from the word wood, is a light stick with a wide head for long shots. Occasionally it is made of some light alloy. Iron is heavier and usually always metal. It is played at medium range.

The putter is the putter for the most delicate work on the so-called green, the green already at the very hole, where «overflight» is no better than «underflight. It’s the smaller of the two and, like the rarer varieties of wood clubs, is made of lightweight metal. By skillfully using different clubs, an experienced player can accurately control the movement of the golf ball.

It would seem that it is easy to score by driving the ball across a perfectly flat grass field. But it is not! Fans of too powerful strokes can be trapped. Usually on the golf course, they are made of two types — sand and water (just ponds).

If you drove the ball in the sand, no one will let you move it by hand to a flat and comfortable place. Have long and painfully «beat» him out of there with a stick. Of course, you can’t just throw a ball out of a pool, so it’s allowed to replace it before hitting it.

But it’s still forbidden to take a new ball farther than two club lengths from the reservoir. So any major mistake will cost you a lot of penalty points. For the game of golf is far from the humorous principle of «you’ve got power, you don’t need brains. Here you have to aim carefully before you swing.

Oh, golf balls can be whizzing all over the place. Especially if you have a lot of inexperienced players around you. Like the famous animal with the grenade, they are so unpredictable out of ignorance that sometimes it’s hard to imagine where their ball will fly. And in order to protect your head from these projectiles, flying sometimes with great force, you need to wear a protective helmet. After all, a concussion is no joke! And no one would want to smash his forehead up to a big bump voluntarily.

Still, even with protection, try not to get your hands on your competitors. It’s especially important to get away from the line where the ball is going to fly. After all, even experienced golfers have unlucky strokes when the ball rushes «wherever the eyes can see». And on his way to become — dangerous, painful, and therefore — undesirable.

Between the starting position and the hole in which you should drive the unfortunate ball is often too many obstacles. Trees, bushes, ponds, road, bridge — all at the discretion of those who created the field. Leading the ball to the hole is sometimes a challenge. So in case you have the idea of learning how to golf, you first need to think carefully.

It would be a shame, having bought expensive equipment and a ticket for a golf club membership, to find that you are bored, hard and even disgusted. First, attend at least a few matches «live» and watch other people play.

And, of course, remember that our article describes the rules of golf only schematically. In the real sport is much more diverse nuances. That’s why if a person wants to learn how to master a club, he hires a good coach. Well, these people charge for their work — according to their skill…

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