How to sell on Ebay USA: tips for beginners

Created in 1995 in the United States, Ebay has evolved into a simple auction platform. In this case, anyone could go to the site and advertise a product, which would eventually be bought by the highest bidder.

To this day, the company operates this way, but it is not the only way to advertise products on the platform. Over time, as the site became more popular, it began using processes similar to those used on other marketplaces, with direct sales at fixed prices.

Ebay now operates in more than 30 countries and is one of the most popular platforms in the world, including for closing international purchases.

How to advertise on ebay
As mentioned, Ebay works with two types of advertising: auction and direct selling. The format for buying a product is decided by the seller, who can sell in both ways.

Anyone can open an Ebay account and start selling. However, one must be very careful about the fees charged by the site, especially when selling internationally.

Various types of items can be sold on Ebay, but the company has a list of items that are not allowed to be sold on the platform. These include drugs, illegal drugs, and firearms, among others.

Types of accounts to sell on Ebay

To sell on Ebay, a user can choose between two options: to advertise through an individual account or through a commercial account.

An individual account is the same account in which a user can buy on the platform. It opens with personal information and is intended for those who are not yet familiar with the site.

eBay USA
San Jose, CA — Jul. 17, 2016: eBay Inc. Headquaters. eBay Inc. is an e-commerce company, providing consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales services via the internet.

A commercial account, on the other hand, is created based on the seller’s legal entity data. It is recommended that the seller create such an account after gaining some experience on the platform. Incidentally, this type of account may charge an additional fee for completing sales.

Receipts when selling on Ebay

Receipts for those who advertise on Ebay are obtained through PayPal.

The platform offers seven types of currencies with which you can make financial transactions on the platform.

Thus, when deciding to sell on the platform, the trader must choose which currency he will sell his items in. For this, it is always necessary to know the prices of the currency, as currency exchange can be a bit confusing.

Rates for advertising on Ebay

The rates for those who advertise on Ebay can be quite complicated to understand. This is because they largely depend on the country in which the ad has been published or the currency chosen by the seller.

Advertisers are eligible for up to 200 free listings per month, but if they pass this requirement, a fee of 0.35 cents begins to be charged for each new product advertised. This fee is called the placement fee or advertising fee.

In the case of sales, the fee also depends on the country of the advertisement in addition to the type of account with which the product was added, in the individual or commercial case.

Selling on Ebay can be profitable if you learn all the features of the system beforehand and follow its rules strictly when selling. If you violate the rules, the system can block the account.

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