Nvidia — Jobs and Internships Around the World

Nvidia is a company where you can access jobs and internships around the world. If you’re curious about the different jobs available at Nvidia, this guide will show you how you can find and access one of the jobs they offer.

This large multinational company, known for inventing graphics processors (better known as GPUs), is a company that is constantly looking for talent to create the computer hardware of the future, as well as various futuristic systems.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the aspects you need to know to get a chance to work at Nvidia and take your first steps to join their team of professional employees.

What is Nvidia.

Nvidia Jobs and Internships Around the World

Nvidia is an American multinational company that specializes in developing graphics processing units (GPUs) for computers and mobile devices, as well as other technologies related to video encoding and building video cards.

Since 2014, Nvidia has become a platform company focused on five markets: gaming, professional imaging, data centers, cars and the cryptocurrency market. Nvidia is also now focusing on artificial intelligence.

Many people mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies use Nvidia graphics chips for more efficient and faster mining.

In addition to manufacturing GPUs, Nvidia provides researchers and scientists with parallel processing capabilities that enable them to efficiently run high-performance applications.

In addition, Nvidia has invested in its expansion into gaming, virtual replicas with augmented reality systems, artificial intelligence, automation and other industries.

Types of professional profiles and open positions

Because of the variety of technology industries that Nvidia has begun to consider in its review, there is a broad list of professional profiles, categorized by different sectors, with open job opportunities at Nvidia.

In general, the company’s human resources department prioritizes recruiting qualified individuals to work in the following areas:

— Engineering.

— Hardware Development.

— Artificial Intelligence.

— Information Technology (IT).

— Autonomous vehicles and vehicles.

— Research and development.

— Robotics.

— Games.

— Computational data management.

— Operations.

However, while most of the jobs are focused on engineering profiles, there are also dozens of open positions in its job bank for professionals with skills in sales, marketing, finance, human resources, legal management and administration.

The company also has a very inclusive policy when it comes to providing equal opportunities for people with disabilities or special assistance needs.

Nvidia offices and workspaces

Although Nvidia’s main offices are located in California, USA, the company has offices in different parts of the world. When searching for a job at Nvidia, you will have the opportunity to view open positions at their offices in countries such as:

— Spain.

— Italy.

— Germany.

— France.

— Belgium.

— Denmark.

— Finland.

— Sweden.

— Netherlands.

— Switzerland.

— Ukraine.

— Russia.

— United Kingdom.

— Canada.

— Poland.

— Hungary.

— Czech Republic.

— Japan.

— South Korea.

— Singapore.

— India.

— China.

— Hong Kong.

— Israel.

— Palestine.

— Malaysia.

— Turkey.

— Thailand.

— Brazil.

Keep in mind that the job listings are frequently updated, so you should consult regularly to make sure you don’t miss any news about job openings at the geographic level.

In addition, among the nearly 2,000 available jobs in some countries, there are offers to work remotely, either from home or while traveling around the world.

How to apply for job offers at Nvidia

Let’s get to the most important part: how to apply for jobs at Nvidia? Follow the instructions below to learn all the details:

1. Access the official Nvidia job bank

Use the search engine to find results related to the professional profile you’re interested in. You can also set up filters to search more accurately.

Filters give you the ability to prioritize your search results based on job category, geographic location by country or city, job type, modality, etc.

Once you’ve selected the filters that match your professional and job needs, take a look at the jobs that match your query.

Click on the job title that caught your eye to learn all the details about the position at the level of requirements, functions, offer conditions and other relevant data.

2. Jobs at NVIDIA

If you agree with the job information and can meet the requirements of the position, click «Apply».

The platform will give you the option of submitting your application automatically, by sharing your resume from LinkedIn, manually, or by using data from your last application if you’ve already submitted your resume for other jobs available on the Nvidia job market. Choose your preferred option and follow the instructions provided by the system to complete your candidate profile.

And that’s it! Now you can apply for the jobs that best fit your professional profile. While there is no limit on who can apply, Nvidia’s Human Resources department recommends that you apply for 3 to 5 jobs per profile.

Nvidia’s system is programmed to send you a notification when your application is received, as well as to provide recommendations for other job openings that may match the professional qualifications found in your profile.

If selectors express interest in any of your applications, they may contact you to access the interview process, either individually or as a group, usually within two weeks of submitting your application.

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