Top tools for selling on Amazon

Hundreds of businesses join this platform every day to get into the world of online sales and benefit from it. However, the volume of transactions that take place all the time is enormous and it forces sellers to work at a frantic pace. For this reason, and because human control is still limited, there are tools that use algorithms and artificial intelligence to help Amazon sellers take full control of the online platform to make the most of their presence in the marketplace.

The best tools for selling on Amazon

Top tools for selling on Amazon

In the following list, we’ve gathered in alphabetical order what we think are the best digital tools for managing your e-commerce presence on Amazon

Amazon ASIN codes.

ASIN stands for Standard Amazon Identification Number and is a code that is assigned to all products that are uploaded to the platform for sale. Its purpose is to identify, group and protect products.

It also offers very useful information about each product for sellers, such as its dimensions, prices applied by Amazon, keywords related to the product. For this reason, tools like Amazon-ASIN, an intuitive name for a product locator based on its ASIN, which, in addition, offers very useful information for sellers, such as its dimensions, rates applied by Amazon, keywords…


This tool helps brands generate and track keywords that improve search results, track sales, report reviews — both negative and positive — about products, and manage different types of alerts.

It’s a powerful SEO tool for Amazon that also allows you to evaluate competitive useful data, such as sales volume for any product.

As for its prices, we are talking about a range that ranges from 10 to 130 euros per month, depending on the plan and features chosen. However, it has a completely free 3-month trial period.


With this tool, you can search for keywords with high demand and low competition to optimize your product pages, rank higher on Amazon search pages and increase sales. It also allows you to perform reverse ASIN searches to gather new keywords from competitors’ pages, filter Amazon products and quickly assess supply, demand and competition.

With Amazon Dropshipping & Arbitrage, you can simplify the process of finding products for online arbitrage and easily access all the important data you need to select the most profitable products. Sales Estimator helps you predict the number of sales for any given niche based on sales rankings, and Amazon Super URL Tool helps you create smart links that boost your Amazon search rankings.

It also has several Chrome extensions, such as the Amazon Key Tracker. Logistics Rate Calculator or the Stock Statistics Calculator, track your competitors’ numbers over a period of time and give you the advantage of planning your sales strategy ahead of time.

It has a free plan that includes an intensive course with 7 videos and one user. There are 3 plans: easy (€13.55 per month), full (€23.82 per month) and permanent (€1232.28 per month).


AMZShark allows you to accurately track the sales of almost any Amazon product in any country and assess the competitiveness and profitability of highly rated products in that niche.

Track keywords to maximize your reach on Amazon by comparing up to 20 keywords at a time and helping you identify profitable sub-genres. Its features include automatic alerts if a competitor steals a position in the Buy Box or every time there are negative reviews.

It has a flat rate of 83 euros per month and 30 days free use with no obligation.


BigCentral is one of the selling options on Amazon that has given the best results among its customers. Using artificial intelligence, this versatile BQool tool allows you to manage reviews, review products, research keywords and suppliers, automate the sending of emails to potential customers, deliver VAT invoices to the EU and receive financial reports, among many other features.

Their prices range from €42 to €416 per month with a 10% savings on an annual subscription and a free 14-day trial period.


BuyBox is a technology platform that will help upgrade your online business by fully automating many tedious and error-prone tasks. It’s ideal for handling high volume orders and for those looking for a truly personalized solution because they don’t manage more than one account dedicated to selling the same product. For example, if you offer bottles of wine and use their services, they will no longer work with another company that sells the same thing. The goal of this strategy is that the company is looking for the best solution in that segment so that its customer can outperform the competition in sales.

It has specific integrations for Prestashop, Ebay, Amazon, ManoMano, PcComponentes, Carrefour, Aliexpress, Zalando and POS Store or adapts to the right site. With this tool you can concentrate all your business in one platform and have multiple dashboards to compare sales by week, month and year in a graphical and intuitive way.

BuyBox- has its own system for generating and printing shipping labels, works with artificial intelligence to ensure that you have a better price than your competitors, tracks your sales by time range and predicts how long your inventory will be held based on real-time sales. It also allows you to export a sales report for each quarter.

It has a free trial period of 15 days and then there are 3 subscription plans: the basic one has a monthly cost of 540 euros and includes integration of your POS and e-commerce. The Marketplace integrates your e-commerce POS + 1, and you pay 5% of your sales bill per month (maximum payment of 990 euros). The Multi-Store plan allows you to integrate your e-commerce and up to 6 marketplaces, paying 4% of the sales invoice amount per month (maximum payment amount €990 per marketplace).


DataHawk helps brands generate the right keywords to improve search results, properly track product sales data, implement advertising and product strategies, and more. In a sense, you could say it’s a powerful SEO tool for Amazon. Its features include:

— Amazon keyword ranking tracking. Track daily organic and sponsored keyword rankings for any product.
— Amazon Keyword Research Tool. Find out what keywords any product is ranking for and suggest appropriate keyword choices.
— Amazon Listing Quality Assessment Tool. Track daily changes on product listing pages and assess the quality of the listing and how it meets Amazon’s guidelines.
It has different plans depending on the type of service you want to hire: automation or analytics (basic, financial or advertising).


EcomEngine is actually not a tool, but a company that has three very interesting tools to sell on Amazon for anyone who wants to get the most out of this market:

— Feedback Five: this tool is designed to automate and simplify the management of feedback received on Amazon. For example, it allows you to receive email or text message alerts about Amazon comments and reviews so you can take quick action if necessary. If a customer isn’t satisfied, you’ll know right away.
— Marketscout: Marketscout allows you to research, analyze and find products on Amazon, compare prices and rate thousands of ASINs in minutes.
— Restock Pro: a very interesting logistics tool for Amazon sellers, available on ten Amazon marketplaces (including Spain, of course). It allows you to create purchase orders, track shipments, and manage daily inventory tasks.


This is an all-in-one software that lets you manage your e-commerce operations from a single platform. It has a global dashboard to check the relevant metrics of all your accounts together or individually, as well as a recommendation dashboard that checks the account and offers useful information to improve performance (optimizing titles, markers, descriptions, images, etc. collecting opinions and ratings, checking the purchase box, stock availability).

It also helps you optimize content for Amazon SEO, analyzes the effectiveness of your keywords in campaigns every 24 hours, manages and measures your campaigns, and produces an FBA inventory forecast to help you prepare Amazon logistics deliveries based on stock and sales forecasts.

You can try it for free for the first 14 days and then get access to one of three payment plans: Pro (€59 per month), Gurú (€99 per month) and Business (€349 per month).

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a versatile tool that has many features designed to improve product research and optimize organic positioning on Amazon.

It really is a complete and useful package when it comes to niche discovery, and it allows for comprehensive management of all the processes that make up the Amazon platform. Its features include Trendster, which allows you to analyze products to determine sales strategies based on seasonality and better plan for revenue fluctuations and cash flow decisions.

If you want to give it a try, it has a discount code (MRKTNG4ECOM50) of up to 50% the first month or 10% (MRKTNG4ECOM10) each month. Plans range from $37 to $197 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


This tool has 8 types of specific products to optimize different actions. It provides instant access to more than 200 million products available on Amazon and has dozens of filters for search query classification, keyword research, list optimization, sales analysis, display of current and historical trends and price calculation, among other features.

It offers the option to make a one-time payment of €415 and get access to the Pro plan for life or pay per month (€32.5), per quarter (€82.5) and per year (€249).

Jungle scout

It is digital software that allows you to find keywords with high demand and low competition, identify trends and filter opportunities using AI-guided information, automate your inventory and review requests, track products or product groups to assess sales over time, trends, unexpected peaks and timelines, among other features.

It allows you to access information on more than 500 million products and filter them according to several variables. It also analyzes the reliability of suppliers by looking at their confirmed shipments and customers, and even shows which manufacturers your competitors use.

It has three plans at €41, €57.5 and €107.5 per month with no annual subscription (there is a discount with an annual contract).


MakerWords is a keyword research tool that helps you see what Etsy and Amazon shoppers are searching for most each month. Analyze and categorize phrases and help find new opportunities.

Their system has been collecting data on customer searches on Amazon since 2012 and combining those keywords with information from big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to create the most comprehensive database of customer searches on Etsy and Amazon.

The FAQ on their website says it’s free for a limited time, but with no fees or terms of use.


Sellics is a tool that combines in-depth knowledge of Amazon advertising with the know-how to create the best possible data-driven sales strategy. Achieve or optimize your lists with keyword analysis and monitoring.

It has a mobile app to monitor your store anytime, anywhere, makes sales forecasts, calculates costs and net profits. Their subscription plans range from €165 to €499 per month, with no obligation and a 14-day free trial.


With Tandemtech’s Business Intelligence technology, you can globally monitor the performance of your catalogs on Amazon and AliExpress, as well as more than 100 marketplaces. This tool allows you to create a single reporting dashboard with reports on historical evolution, sales and margins. Some of its main features should be highlighted:

— Product ranking: discover the best-selling products with the highest number of visits and the best conversion rate.
— Optimization Radar: identify opportunities to improve your product files.
— Logistics Cost Calculator to customize the best PVP for each country and market.
— Ad monitoring: check the performance of the ad campaigns you run.
— Inventory Management: Keep track of your product inventory by country and market.
— Order monitoring: find and view orders and commissions applied in any market and in any country.
— You can try it free for 3 months.


It is a tool with many features combined to achieve the single goal of optimizing profits and positioning yourself in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

With a niche finder and qualifier, it helps generate sales ideas, finds product strengths and weaknesses, and helps you differentiate yours. It tracks monthly sales data for any Amazon product and has advanced metrics and alerts.

It has 2 subscription plans that cost 32.5 euros and 41 euros per month.

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