Earnings from the investment project Zeppelin Cars

Zeppelin Cars is a foreign investment project of low yield. It can be safely attributed to the number of long-livers. It has been in operation for 6 years; it started its activities in the distant 2015. Given that most similar projects exist from 2 months to 3 years, 6 years of work is a considerable period.

According to the information available on the official website, Zeppelin Cars is the largest company in the rental of expensive cars. Also, it is engaged in buying and selling shares of large automobile companies.

By investing money in this project, users put their money at the disposal of investors in Zeppelin Cars. They use the money to buy profitable stocks and make a profit on them. They give part of this profit to the project participants who have provided their money.

The site has several rates for investing. Each has its own profitability. They can be seen on the main page of the site. According to the tariff plans, the daily rate of return can range from 0.5% to 20%. Learn more about all these plans, you can after registration in the project.

It is imperative to carefully review all tariff plans and select the most suitable. There is no need to rush and make hasty decisions. It is worth noting that the greater the yield, the greater the amount required to enter. The minimum entry threshold for the first plan. But there charged a daily income of 0.5%, which is not much. And the investment period is as much as 500 days. There are plans with a more favorable interest rate, but the amount required there will be considerable. Therefore, before investing, it is recommended to think everything over carefully.

One should not forget about the risks. Investing in such investment projects, there is always the risk of losing money, if the project, for whatever reason, ceases to pay funds.

It is not necessary to invest in this project in order to make money. You can earn on an affiliate program. Here it has three levels. Affiliate program is quite interesting. It is possible to receive from 5 to 15 percent of investment of their referrals.

And the more the user has invited referrals, the higher will be his interest rate. From 1 to 200 referrals, the interest rate of 5%. If the user has 201 — 500 referrals, he can count on 7% of the profits of his invited people. For 501 — 1000 referrals, the rate will rise to 10%. Who managed to accumulate from 1001 to 2000 referrals will receive 12%. If invited people will be more than 2001, the rate will increase to 15 percent. But this is not all. There are also two more levels of affiliate program. At level 2, they will pay 2% of referral investments, and at level 3 — 1%. Therefore, it makes sense to work in this project team.

Zeppelin Cars

Of course, to collect a large number of referrals is not easy. But no one says you have to do it in a month. If the project will continue to run smoothly, for a few months is quite realistic to dial 1000 — 2000 referrals. This can be done, for example, by creating a channel on YouTube. On this platform you can often see bloggers telling about various investment projects. Telling a video about the project, they leave their affiliate link under the video, thus recruiting referrals. And the more popular the channel, the more people will register in the project.

You can also use specialized forums, your own site, social networks to find referrals. How to attract referrals with the help of these resources, you can easily learn by watching appropriate video lessons on YouTube. With a large number of referrals, the affiliate program can bring a very tangible income.

It is allowed to create several accounts, but it is not allowed to register from them using your affiliate link.

To receive income on a passive, it is necessary to invest money at interest. To do this, log in to the site and log into your personal account. Here you need to go to the Deposit section. Then you need to choose an investment plan and deposit the necessary funds. Depositing and withdrawal fee is not charged. But the commission may be required by the payment system. The minimum amount for deposit is 10 dollars. There is no maximum deposit threshold.

You can deposit to your personal account using the following payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, BitcoinCash, AdvCash, PayPal, Credit cards, NixMoney.

The money entered into the project with Perfect Money, Payeer is enrolled instantly, but it may happen so that the transaction takes up to 24 hours with cryptocurrencies. But this is rarely the case, usually the money is credited much faster.

Interest on deposits is accrued only on weekdays. On weekends, stock exchanges do not work, and therefore the shares are not credited with the income.

It should be noted that the site is foreign, the Russian language is not supported. Therefore, if you do not know English, it is better to work through the browser with automatic translation of pages.

Earned money is withdrawn through the Withdraw section. Here you have to enter the amount to withdraw, select the appropriate payment system, and then confirm the withdrawal request. The minimum amount for withdrawal is only 10 cents. The best way to withdraw is to use the following payment systems: Perfectmoney, Nixmone, EpayCore. These payment systems payouts come instantly. Payments to other payment systems are made in manual mode and can take from 12 to 24 hours.

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